About Us

It all adds up to specialized care in a very special place

CONEJO VALLEY SURGERY CENTER (CVSC) is a local resource for excellent outpatient surgical care. It is a freestanding MULTI-SPECIALTY Ambulatory Surgery Center where specialized Surgeons perform a vast spectrum of surgical procedures in the most advanced surgical environment. In addition to being one of the most advanced ambulatory surgical care facility in Southern California, our thoroughly knowledgeable and caring staff create a welcome environment that is highly professional, competent and friendly.

Many Outpatient Surgical procedures are complex and require a dedicated high-tech and fully equipped Operating Room with all the support functions. However, most surgery and recovery happens the same day and the patient is fit to go home. Technological advancement has resulted in a boom in Outpatient Procedures where less invasive methods are utilized and recovery time is minimized. New techniques in Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, and anesthetizing agents combined with a need for cost effectiveness have contributed to the growth of Ambulatory Surgery procedures. Such procedures do not require hospitalization and have eliminated the long hospital stays.

We are here to assist you maintain your best health and keep going strong in life. Conveniently located in Thousand Oaks, and 3 miles from Los Robles hospital, CVSC is easily accessible from Lynn Rd., off of 101 Freeway.